Drinks Trends July-August 2022 – Bar & Kitchen

Drinks Trends July-August 2022

Summer inspirations for your bar.

Retro reigns supreme

Retro drinks are back as part of this summer’s nostalgia trend, as 81% of consumers find nostalgic flavours appealing (FMCG Gurus: Top Trends 2022). That means a return of drinks such as Pi.a Colada and the Woo Woo.

In addition, Pi.a Colada is predicted to be the fourth most popular cocktail this year, according to the Bacardi 2022 Cocktail Report. So, pull out those cocktail umbrellas and maraschino cherries for a retro revival.

James Stocker, Marketing Director of Halewood Artisanal Spirits, said: “Retro drinks are perfect for the summer season. For venues looking to tap into this element of fun, bright liquids provide a great option – our JJ Whitley Blue Raspberry Vodka for example, which pairs simply with lemonade for a really striking serve.”

Can soft drinks be healthy?

Some still soft drinks and juices are getting a makeover with added vitamins, collagen and minerals. Brands are creating products that are marketed as healthy, as demonstrated by Purdey’s Refocus and Replenish juices with B vitamins or Coca-Cola’s Glac.au Vitaminwater; a low-calorie flavoured spring water with added vitamin C and minerals.

Collagen is increasingly popular in juices as an anti-aging, superingredient; this ingestible beauty trend is targeted at the 7 in 10 consumers who believe that functional food and drink can be more beneficial to skin health than external products (Mintel, April 2022). Be aware that collagen, vitamin and mineral-infused drinks are becoming more widely available, and engage with your customer base to increase awareness.

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