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Cleaning tips to clean up on profits this spring

Cleanliness may be next to godliness but with customers increasingly checking eateries’ hygiene ‘scores on the doors’ before deciding whether or not to come in, keeping up appearances and good standards of cleanliness have never been more important to maintaining takings.

With its range of cost effective Kitchen King cleaning products and cloths, the Today’s Group is working to help you clean up on profits this spring. Here are some of its professional tips for ensuring a clean kitchen.

Getting Started

There is cleaning to be done a‡fter each service and at the end of each working day, while there are other jobs that need tackling regularly but not daily. Make sure you rota these and have the right products for the right job. Always wear gloves to protect your hands. Ideally, clean with single use disposable cloths. If you clean with re-usable cloths/towels, colour code them for each work station i.e. use a different coloured cloth for cleaning the raw meat station and the salad/vegetable preparation area to avoid cross-contamination. Disinfect each cloth a‡fter use.

Post Service Cleaning tips

  • Empty all bins and reline them.
  • Use an anti-grease cleaner to degrease fryers, griddles and grills. Wipe down and brush to remove any food residue.
  • Sweep and mop the floor and warn colleagues you’ve done so by putting up a wet floor sign to avoid accidents.

End of the Day Cleaning tips

  • Clean oven and grill, removing grill racks and drip guard. Soak, scrub and allow to dry before returning to the oven. Wipe top and inside of oven with an anti-grease cleaner to remove all surface grease.
  • Clean the sinks including around the taps, overflow and drain outlets.

Regular Cleaning tips Rota Tasks

  • Empty and wash the refrigerator, taking out all removable parts to wash separately.
  • Use an anti-limescale spray to remove any build up of scale from sink, taps and floor drains.
  • Wash down walls, storage areas and ceilings.
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