A Fresh Start – Bar & Kitchen

A Fresh Start

The madness of Christmas is over. Spring is fast approaching. It’s the perfect time to have a good clean and re-assess your cleaning schedule and diary for the year ahead. You’ll be set up for a fresh start, and be able to ensure your premises remain spick and span at all times.

“Any organisation preparing and serving food and drink should employ robust cleaning and hygiene processes as part of its wider food safety policy,’ says Lindsay Childerhouse, Kitchen Care & Cleaning Tools Product Manager, UK & Ireland, Diversey Care.

‘”Effective cleaning and hygiene will help to prevent infections that can lead to guests (and staff) becoming ill. While this duty of care is the primary reason for ensuring the highest standards of food safety, any illness breakouts can have serious implications for the reputation and brand value of the business, as well as leading to expensive legal bills and compensation payments.”

The Government Food Standards Agency and Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) recommend making a schedule of everything that needs cleaning. This needs to cover how to clean and then disinfect every area of your business and detail the products and equipment used.

EHOs recommend that cleaning be done in three stages:

– Use a cleaning product to remove visible dirt from surfaces and equipment, and rinse.

– Then disinfect, using the correct dilution and contact time for the disinfectant. Remember, chemical disinfectants only work if surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned first to remove grease and other dirt.

– Rinse with fresh clean water.

The schedule needs to cover three groups, broad details of which are:

a) Items that come into contact with food
• Worksurfaces and chopping boards
• Equipment such as knives
• Fridges/Freezers
• Equipment with moving parts – mixers; slicers; sous-vide equipment; processors
• Sinks and soap dispensers
• Re-useable cloths and work clothes
• Ice machines

b) Frequently touched items
• Rubbish bins, brooms, mops
• Door handles, taps, switches, controls, cash registers, scales
• Can openers
• Telephones

c) Other Items that need cleaning
• Floors, walls, ceilings
• Storage areas
• Waste areas and drains
• Microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, hot-holding and display cabinets
• Coffee machines
• Self-service and staff areas

And don’t forget your schedule needs to state:
• How you clean the items
• What chemicals are used, and how
• What equipment is used
• How often the items are cleaned

 Choosing your products

Quality products give quality results. In addition, when disinfecting food preparation surfaces, you must make sure the product used meets the BS EN 1276, or your EHO won’t be happy!

Don’t forget to look for products where dosage is easily regulated – Diversey’s SmartDose system being a perfect example. Whilst often slightly more expensive, you get maximum cleaning for the minimum dose and the spill proof nature of a pump or similar dispenser means the wastage risk is greatly reduced.

Top Performers

General Purpose Cleaners: Diversey’s Suma Multipurpose D2.3 – a general purpose glass and floor cleaner and hand dishwash liquid; SC Johnson’s Mr Muscle All Purpose Cleaner and Kitchen King All Purpose Cleaner

Cleaner/sanitisers: Diversey’s Suma Bac D10 – a fragrance-free kitchen cleaner/sanitiser that cleans and disinfects all food preparation surfaces and complies with the EN1276 standard

Large area cleaner: Mr. Muscle’s 5ltr Floor Cleaner, Kitchen King’s APC or Diversey’s Suma Sprint 200 – ideal for all interior surfaces with spray-and-wipe or bucket cleaning versions

Washroom: Diversey’s TASKI Sani 4in1 – a daily cleaner, descaler, disinfectant and deodoriser all in one and Mr Muscle’s 750ml Washroom Cleaner. And don’t forget in-toilet cleaners such as the range from Duck Professional

Hand hygeine

Using an effective hand disinfectant should be part of you and your staff’s cleaning routine. “The highest possible standards of kitchen cleanliness and food safety always start with effective hand hygiene,” adds Lindsay Childerhouse of Diversey Care, who recommends use of a product like their Soft Care Med H5. “People preparing, handling and serving food should clean their hands when moving between tasks, switching between raw ingredients and prepared meals and always after visiting the toilet..”

Don’t forget, too, the range of Sanitising Hand Wipes in packs of 200 from Kitchen King.

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