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Jump into January

With all the indications being that January is going to be tough for everyone and especially out of home venues, we’ve put together some ideas to grab your customers’ attention and bring them in from the cold…

In with the new

It's Chinese New Year on 22 January 2023, so find out how to put on an authentic feast by the world’s first Western apprentice to a Chinese master chef

Win big at the World Cup

Top tips on maximising the opportunity in your venue from menu advice to bookings, beer mats and bunting

How to choose the right TV entertainment package for your pub

With events such as The 2022 FIFA World Cup, knowing what entertainment package to have in place can be as nerve wracking as A penalty shootout! We spoke to Alan Hall, Account Director at CloudCasting Corporation Ltd, which provides audio, visual and scent services.

Masterclass guide to pastry making

Whether it’s a buttery puff pastry pie, crisp filo or an elegant choux dessert, pastry-making is one of the most essential and versatile skills to master in the kitchen.

Quick guide to kosher meal planning

Do you offer a kosher option? Just remember to choose certified diary and meat products. Crispy potatoes, beef and honey cakes make delicious kosher meals, as long as dairy and meat are certified and not served together in the same sitting.