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Party on

This year, Christmas events are back, with customers looking for an unforgettable Christmas party experience. From fun team bonding events and large groups to drinks with friends, make the most of this lucrative season with a Christmas party offer they won’t want to ignore.

Your menu

Whether it’s a buffet, sharing plates, snacks or a full meal, create a good, better and premium menu at different price points to cover all budgets. Contact your customers to double check allergies a few days before the party.


The drinks

Create a specific drinks menu and remember to include some alcohol-free options too!


Pre-paid tabs or drinks

For large groups, offer the option for pre-order on at least the first round of drinks. Alternatively, ask the party to set up a pre-paid bar tab.


Buckets and jugs

Offering drinks in larger quantities could be more efficient in serving your customers in large groups. Place (pre-paid for) iced buckets of beer on tables, as well as wine, and serve cocktails in jugs, then people can help themselves. Offer pre-made cocktails, which are becoming increasingly popular for venues.


Arrange the space

Consider how you will host your parties. Will you be placing people in private areas or rooms? Or do you need to rope off areas of your main spaces? If you are asked to host a large party (and the financials stack up), you may even want to close to host the event.



Think carefully how you would like your venue to look over the festive period. A welcoming festive atmosphere and seasonal ambience are important to customers, and getting your environment right is absolutely vital at this time of year. A Christmas tree, garlands and lights are great if you have the room. However, a more subtle approach with fairy lights, wreathes, holly and mistletoe can also transform your space.


Plan your staffing requirements

There is nothing worse for customers than a lack of staff , so plan and recruit early to make sure you have enough staff available to cater for the increase in bookings, both front and back of house.


Get a deposit

Request a deposit at the time of booking and full payment for food and pre-ordered drinks a week before each party to help manage your cash flow. Do you need a cancellation policy? Make it very clear in writing at the time of booking.

Tell everyone about your offer

The size of your venue and where you’re situated will have a huge impact on the type of parties you host.

1 Use clever social media messaging to engage your followers
2 Put up posters in your venue and on A boards outside
3 Put all the details, menus and prices on your website
4 Advertise in local press and on local social media noticeboards
5 If you have an email customer list, consider a simple email campaign to tell them about your Christmas plans
6 Contact customers who have booked Christmas events with you before with a unique offer if they book again
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