4 creative uses for mayonnaise – Bar & Kitchen

4 creative uses for mayonnaise

Not just for tuna sandwiches, this versatile condiment adds gloss and creaminess to pies, potatoes and protein
Toasted sandwich

Grilled cheese

Brush the outside of a cheese sandwich with mayonnaise before grilling. It stops it sticking and gives a perfect golden crunch.

Large glazed pie


Lightly brush pastry, pies or bread with mayonnaise before baking to get a glossy egg-wash style finish.

Mashed potato


Stir a tablespoon or two of mayonnaise through mashed potato; the egg and oil make the potatoes smoother and more creamy. This trick works for scrambled eggs too!

Chopped vegetables on board

Dress it up

Add chopped fresh herbs, a squeeze of lime juice, crushed garlic, a pinch of curry powder or dash of chilli sauce to upsell ready-made mayonnaise as a premium garnish.

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