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How to celebrate Diwali, Halloween and Bonfire Night in your venue

With the start of autumn come three exciting occasions that as a population we love celebrating together. All of these give you lots of opportunities to create inspirational menus and events with plenty of colourful decorations.

How do you create an environment where your customers can enjoy Halloween, Bonfire Night and Diwali?

Creating great food is central to special occasions with a well-thought out menu keeping your customers coming back for more. So whether you are a school, bar, restaurant, café or care home, there are inspiring tips here that can easily be adapted for your venue.

Once you’ve decided how you are going to celebrate a particular event, the most important thing to do is shout about it! Use your website and social media to communicate your offer to your followers, as well as at your venue. Use blackboards inside and outside your venue to engage loyal customers and passing footfall.

Safety first

With large groups of people you are always going to get those who might be wary of the possible health risks. Here’s how to make everyone feel comfortable:

• Provide hand sanitiser on the way in, at the bar and on tables to demonstrate to customers that their safety is still top of your mind.

• Encourage your staff to wear masks and display signs indicating that you respect and appreciate customers who do the same too.

• Ensure your team wash their hands regularly and tables are properly cleaned between sittings.

• Try to give as much space between tables as possible, and offer table service for drinks as well as food if you can.


Diwali is one of the major religious festivals in Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism, and is known as the Festival of Lights. While the main day celebrated is 24 October in most cultures, the festival actually runs for five days, from 23 to 27 October. During Diwali, people come together to pray and share stories, but it’s also an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a big feast.

To host your own Diwali event, create a set menu with a variety of curries and lots of sides, such as samosas, bhajis, aloo tikki and chana bhatura (spiced chickpeas and puff ed bread). Decorate your venue with fairy lights, candles or lamps. Consider using golden serving plates and decorations to add an authentic feel.


Halloween is a great way to boost your profits. From spooky-looking cocktails to horror-themed fancy dress and pumpkin carving, there is a lot you can do to make Halloween fun.

Of course, this year Halloween is on a Monday, which isn’t the best day for hospitality, but you could always host something on the weekend too. And don’t forget to put up lots of decorations such as cobwebs and pumpkins, with bowls of dry ice for a creepy atmosphere.

Get creative with your drinks, using ingredients such as grenadine or food colouring to look like fake blood, and create some theatre by serving them in mini cauldrons (which can be put away and brought out again next year).

Walking Dead Sunrise

Halloween Spider Pizza

Banana Ghost Pots



Remember, remember the fifth of November. This year, Bonfire Night falls on a Saturday, which is brilliant as there’s lots you can do. If you can put on a firework display, go for it – just make sure you adhere to the proper health and safety protocols. Otherwise, creating a themed cocktail menu and offering nostalgic treats such as toffee apples is enough to bring on the excitement.

Fireworks call for a BBQ or hog roast and if it’s a more modest affair, some decorations, music and maybe glow sticks and sparklers for the kids is more than enough. Remember, Bonfire Night is usually quite a family affair, so cater for everyone.

Cadbury Chocolate Fudge Cake

Cinnamon Toffee Apples

Jack Fire & Ginger

Bonfire Night Irish Coffee


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