Be shaken and stirred by Pritesh’s pre-mixed cocktails... - Bar & Kitchen

Be shaken and stirred by Pritesh’s pre-mixed cocktails…

Pritesh Mody’s World of Zing has shaken up the cocktail world with its innovative pre-prepared cocktails. His determination to seek out new flavour combinations and consistent serves could revolutionise your cocktail game too. Follow @luvfoodluvdrink & @worldofzing
“"I was brought up surrounded by flavour".”
- Pritesh Mody, World of Zing

I started in food marketing, but it was food markets that made the difference.

After ten years in marketing my career was at a crossroads. It was
the time local food markets were really taking off. People would think nothing of spending £50 on a bottle of wine, some cheese and bread. It was all about provenance, craft, small and independent. But there were no spirits represented.

This was a time when cocktails were coming into their own.

Barrel-aged cocktails were starting to make a buzz. Pre-batching was beginning to happen. I thought there must be a market for people to enjoy that same kind of quality at home. So that’s why I started The World of Zing. Little did I know it was the on trade who quickly sat up and took notice!

You can spot a novice a mile off – don’t let it be you!

Cocktails aren’t complicated, but they do require respect. There’s nothing worse than a gin and tonic with two lonely ice cubes slowly melting, diluting and actually warming the drink! It’s the same with a weak-wristed shake. You have to grab the shaker with both hands and not let go until it’s too cold to hold. That’s when you know it’s ready! You can never have too much ice!

I was brought up surrounded by flavour.

I come from one of the oldest spice merchant families in the UK, so I’ve always been around really great ingredients. As soon as I was walking around, I was engaging in interesting spices. I’ve been brought up with a passion for flavour. So, it follows that, for me, cocktails are all about new and exciting flavour combinations.

Consistent quality and ease of service is key.

After a successful launch, we started working with Jamie Oliver’s restaurants, and leading hotels.
The on trade realised our product offered less waste than stocking
the back bar with cocktail ingredients that sat there for months. Even with complex, interesting ingredients, our cocktails were consistent every single serve.

Put the effort in, and the rewards will pay off tenfold.

If you ask ten people to cook a steak, nine out of ten will get it wrong because they don’t understand temperature or seasoning. And that’s only one ingredient! Take a negroni. That’s three ingredients: gin, Campari and vermouth. If your vermouth has been sitting on your shelf for two years, it’s oxidised and lost its flavour. If you’re using an orange, is it fresh? Has it got oil left in its skin, or is it flabby and dry?

“"The classics are essential. But so is innovation".”
- Pritesh Mody, World of Zing

The classics are essential. But so is innovation.

Yuzu, citrus fruit, Asian flavours, sake and winey flavours in general are all trends to watch out for in the coming year. Think about making your own mark on the classics. Our barrel-aged Negroni, salted caramel espresso Martini and Persian

lime Margarita add a luxe twist to perennial favourites. What could your bar be famous for?

Cocktails are about drinking to remember. Not to forget.

One thing that Covid has shown us is if you’re going to have a drink, drink better. Don’t take it for granted. Have a cocktail and appreciate it. Just like fine wine, cocktails can really tell a story:
of how the spirits are barrel-aged, or how the drink evokes a time and a place. It’s about slowing down and really appreciating the craftsmanship.

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