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8 wine and cheese pairings

It’s not Christmas without a good cheeseboard. For an easy, low effort course for the busy festive period, try it on your menu for the big day, New Year’s Eve or Christmas parties

You don’t need to go crazy with lots of weird and wonderful cheeses. Keep it simple with the classics but impress with a few unusual choices and some special drink pairings.

Goat's cheese

To complement the tang of goat’s cheese, look for a complex wine. Mud House Sauvignon Blanc is known for its fruity flavour and bright aroma, which stands up well to the tangiest of cheeses.

Goat's cheese wine pairing

Oxford Blue

The salty tang of this British cheese gives your customers a new twist on the traditional Stilton. A well-balanced Argentinian red like Trivento Private Selection Malbec works well with its cherry and raspberry notes.

Oxford Blue wine pairing


Mild and creamy, this Yorkshire cheese goes well with a slice of Christmas cake! Pair with a fruity red like Concha Y Toro Merlot for some extra juiciness.

Wensleydale wine pairing


This Spanish cheese offers something a bit different to your cheeseboard with its caramel and nutty notes. A fruity Tribu Malbec is the perfect match.

Manchego wine pairing
“Make your board stand out with dried fruit and nuts. Figs, cranberries and apricots complement the Manchego, brie and Yorkshire Wensleydale, and add beautiful colours. Don’t forget the chutneys and crackers!”
- Les Mohammed, Senior Trading Controller, Unitas Wholesale


This rich, creamy cheese partners really well with oaky wines like Kumala Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, or even a glass of Champagne. Remember to leave the brie at room temperature before serving for maximum ooze!

Brie wine pairing

Sage Derby

The subtle herb flavour of this mottled green cheese adds a different element to your board, and the colour looks inviting too. Suggest Concha y Toro’s Chardonnay Pedro Ximénez blend to customers. It’s a fresh, medium-bodied option with delicate sweetness.

Sage Derby wine pairing

Pecorino Romano

Hard, salty and sharp, this Italian cheese is a brilliant alternative to cheddar. The sheep’s cheese matches beautifully with the red fruit flavour of Hardys Crest Cabernet-Shiraz-Merlot blend.

Pecorino wine pairing


The French version of vacherin is beautifully rich and soft. At its ripest, it can be scooped out of the box with a spoon! Vacherin pairs well with the ripe, unoaked style of Hardys Crest Chardonnay.

Vacherin wine pairing

Other drink options

Cheese pairs beautifully with many drinks. Port and sherry work well with blue cheese, while French Vacherin is complemented by a strong ale. Be experimental and try new pairings yourself. You might find the next big thing for your customers!

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