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How to choose the right TV entertainment package for your pub

With events such as The 2022 FIFA World Cup, knowing what entertainment package to have in place can be as nerve wracking as A penalty shootout! We spoke to Alan Hall, Account Director at CloudCasting Corporation Ltd, which provides audio, visual and scent services.

What types of entertainment package are available?

Whether you are questioning your current package or it’s your first time getting into entertainment, you need to think about your premises and have a clear understanding of the role TV screens will play in your business.

For example, subtle background music, weekly DJs or sport? Whatever you choose should match the atmosphere and theme of your venue and your customer demographic so they will have a good experience. Once you know this, your provider will be able to help.


How can a venue get prepared for a big event?

If you’ve already got a sound system in place then make sure it’s all working correctly, such as the speakers and amplifier. It can take four to six weeks for speakers to be installed so build this into your planning.


How do you choose the correct screen for your venue?

A screen should be relevant for the size of your venue and the amount of people watching it. TV screens only go up to 86 or 96 inches, whereas a projector screen (fixed with a ceiling bracket) comes in a range of sizes to suit bigger rooms with larger crowds.

New technology that might be of interest to the hospitality sector are digital chalkboards. These are matt screens, with no glare, that convert all text and imagery to a chalkboard typeface and design style (see below right). This allows venues to display food, drink and menu options in an easily updateable digital format but maintain a chalkboard design.


Is there a right place in the room to fit the screen?

Give a thought to where the screen is going to be positioned – avoid trading areas or where there is high footfall. Also, think about ambient lighting. If there is a window close to the screen the sunlight will wash it out. Speak to your provider and they will conduct a site survey and advise you on the best area to position your screen.


How can businesses utilise their equipment all year round?

Investing in a screen costs money so make sure you get the most out of them by using them as a marketing tool for products and events. Screens are easy to relocate around your premises and are a great visual aid to raise awareness of your promotions – happy hour, 2 for 1 or your next quiz night, for example. Also use them to display your main or special menus instead of using a board or physical menus.


How can a business get the best deal from their service provider?

Challenge your provider and ask what else they can do to support you. To attract more customers, you’ll need ideas and different playlists. For example, you may want to host a senior citizens lunch every Tuesday or a student night on Thursday, and therefore you need a change in music to reflect the clientele.

See what your provider comes back with and, if you’re not happy, shop around. We are offering our customers a playlist for the World Cup that includes different football-based songs, so the minute the final whistle is blown the music plays and this encourages the euphoric atmosphere to continue, and customers stay put, instead of leaving because the game is over.

““It’s no good having a top of the range sound system and playing the wrong music or playing the right music through crackling speakers. The two go hand in hand””
- Alan Hall, CloudCasting Corporation Ltd

Why would you buy scent for your venue?

Becoming more popular in the industry, creating a specific scent for your business is a way to reinforce your brand and give your customers a sensory experience. For example, a Mexican-themed restaurant may choose a chilli essence and a coffee shop could choose to pipe a pastry scent. The diff user goes into a specific area in your business or into the air con and can last for 12 hours a day, seven days a week.

“75% of emotions are triggered by smell, which is linked to pleasure, wellbeing and memory.”
- CloudCasting
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