Jump into January – Bar & Kitchen

Jump into January

With all the indications being that January is going to be tough for everyone and especially out of home venues, we’ve put together some ideas to grab your customers’ attention and bring them in from the cold…

Dry January

Happy hours aren’t just for boozy nights out. Refine your mocktail menu and introduce a 2-for-1 deal for early evenings throughout January.

Put a twist on a quiz night with a theme! Pick a cult classic fi lm or TV show such as Harry Potter or Stranger Things and test their biggest fans’ knowledge. Charge a fee for entry to the quiz that includes a non-alcoholic drink. Market the event on your social media channels and tell people to tag friends to help spread the word. You can use hashtags on your social media too, including the name of the show and the name of your town – and don’t forget to mention your address.

By the end of the month, the abstinence might be wearing a little thin for many so why not throw an ‘end of Dry January’ party or create a campaign of clever deals? Help customers celebrate getting through the month by discounting pitchers of beer and cocktails, and for every Åí10 spent on drinks, give away a packet of crisps or nuts.


For the month of January, offer 10-20% discount on your vegan and veggie options to encourage customers to visit your outlet and showcase your eco credentials.

Meat-free products such as Garden Gourmet and The Vegetarian Butcher can easily be substituted into your existing menus – think sausage casseroles, burgers and stir fries. Highlight the existing vegan dishes on your menu too.

Get people to join the conversation by running a fun ‘meat or no meat’ event. Serve a selection of meat and meat-free tasters to see if customers can spot which are which. Some of the meat-free products are so good now that you might find your customers are pleasantly surprised! Package the tasting with a meal to make it into an evening to remember.

Not all drinks are vegan, so make sure you’ve got wine and beer options that are and make them stand out on your menu.

Burns Night

Put together a great-value evening customers won’t be able to refuse. The ticket could include a three-course meal, dram of whisky and either a live piper or soundtrack.

Get customers to go all out on kilts, tartan and other Scottish-related items and give away a bottle of whisky for the best dressed.

Neeps, tatties and haggis are low-cost to prepare, upping your margins. Encourage more spend by giving optional luxury upgrades such as whisky cream sauce.

For dessert, go for cranachan trifle or clootie dumpling (a spicy, fruity steamed pudding).

Don’t forget to serve traditional Scottish shortbread with coffee to finish it all off.

Families will be looking for indoor activities in rainy January so if you run a cafe, look to host a Scottish-themed event. Charge a small entry fee for an afternoon of arts, crafts and tasty snacks. Buy some Scottish shortbread and icing tubes for the little ones to get creative with. Print out blank tartan and Celtic badge pages for some design-your-own colouring action. Parents are bound to order a couple of hot drinks to boost your sales.

“7.2m Brits follow a meat-free diet and this is expected to rise to 8.8m by the end of 2022”
- Finder
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