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How to bring tourists to your door

Vicki Miller, Director of Marketing & Digital at VisitScotland, offers tips on how your venue can attract people visiting your local area – wherever you are in the country!

What channels should venues be considering when promoting themselves to tourists?

Today, the majority of people plan their holidays digitally – even more so now with the increased need to book in advance and for venues to manage the flow of visitors. For this reason, businesses need to be both discoverable and bookable online. This means a strong web and social media presence.

Can national tourist organisations such as VisitScotland offer help and support?

Yes! Our website ( provides a free digital platform for businesses – large or small – to connect with audiences globally. In fact, we offer free listings that showcase businesses to 20 million users a year. Businesses can also access marketing toolkits (via that can help venues target specific audiences, insights into what they look for and how to make contact with them. We also have a digital skills section to help people at all levels of knowledge.

What do our readers need to keep in mind when it comes to social media?

Select an engaging primary photo to help make a strong first impression with potential visitors and change this each season to keep the listing fresh.

When you do post, take a note of what gets the most engagement. Vary messages, and don’t make them all about sales. The fun factor is crucial, so keep content light.

How should negative reviews be tackled?

It’s important to be friendly, personal and respond fast. Keep your response short and humble and, if necessary, ask the customer to get in touch directly.

Always thank the customer for sharing their thoughts. It might just win you more business in the long run when potential new customers read your responses.

Try to address the specific issues raised and remember that even the best business gets the occasional negative review. And always take the positives! Most reviews have some good feedback – it’s ok to celebrate this in your responses and expand on what your business is doing well.

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