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Look after your team’s mental health

Happy teams mean better staff retention, teamwork and productivity, reduced absence levels and a better experience for your customers. Are you a forward thinking business addressing employee mental health?

How to be a part of your local community

Give customers more reason to visit. As a local, independent business you are a crucial member of your community. Here’s how to maximise your opportunities, support your area and create a lot of goodwill.


Diabetics have high blood glucose levels and benefit from a diet that’s low in salt, saturated fat and sugar, and high in fibre and wholemeal carbs.

How to bring tourists to your door

Complying with social distancing measures AND having a venue that still feels special can be tricky. Restaurant architectural designer Richard Eastwood gives his advice on looking good for reopening.

Why wouldn’t you? Not ‘Why should you?”

Getting the best people in your team can be the difference between success and mediocrity, so why limit your choice in the job market? Gender, ethnicity, disability and sexuality are insignificant compared to ability, personality and flair for the job. Outlets that reflect their communities and the national demographic tend to perform better because they send a clear message to customers, according to the World Economic Forum.

How to reduce your food waste

What you put in your bins has never been more important. Reducing your waste = more cash in your pocket. Here’s how to do it.