Tastes just like chicken but is vegan! Meet The Garden Gourmet® schnitzel and vegan nuggets

Garden Gourmet® Vegan Nuggets are a big hit with kids and grown-ups, giving a similar crunchy crumb bite, taste and experience to that of chicken nuggets. Made from plantbased protein, this family favourite is high in protein and provides a source of fibre.

Garden Gourmet® Vegan Schnitzel is a breaded fillet that combines a crispy crumb coating with a juicy, tender flavour, which tastes and smells similar to a real chicken breaded fillet. High in protein and a source of fibre, it is pre-cooked and can easily be warmed in the oven or in a fryer. Serve with potatoes and vegetables, or simply add to a salad, soup, sandwich or wrap.