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A Sandwich Celebration

Whether you call it a sarnie or a buttie, use baguettes or a thick white sliced; the good old sandwich remains an iconic culinary invention. In pulled pork sarnie - Take Stock magazineBritain, we buy over 3.5 billion sandwiches a year. And with British Sandwich Week (20-26 May) celebrating our love for this blooming good eat in or to-go meal, sandwiches are a must-have for your menu. Take Stock talked to Claire Howells, the co-owner of Blanchflower bakery and restaurant in Altrincham to obtain some top sandwich tips!

The best bread

The secret to a good sandwich is great bread as it makes up at least 60% of it. There has been a big trend over the last few years towards handmade bread so we make sourdough, focaccia, ciabatta and baguettes. A twist on this trend is using half sourdough along with a little yeast so you get great flavour into rolls, baguettes and ciabatta. This really expands our offering while still using traditional levains with all the benefits they bring.

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Make it stand outSandwich Celebration sarnie factoid 1 - Take Stock magazine

Elements of craft production make all the difference to a sandwich. Making chutneys for instance is not hard, they keep well and using small amounts adds lots of flavour. The homemade touch is always appreciated by customers. Pickling is a cheap way of adding variation and texture – use similar amounts of sugar, water and cider vinegar and warm them in a pan until the sugar dissolves before adding chopped veg – thin strips of carrots are especially good. Adding nuts and seeds is also effective – I suggest tossing them in a little salt and honey and roasting them in the oven for 5-10 mins for extra crunch.

Sandwich suggestions

• Goat’s cheese, seasonal chutney, toasted honeyed walnuts and leaves.

• Chicken dressed in pesto mayo – try using toasted almonds instead of pine nuts in the pesto because they are cheaper and just as tasty.

• Toasted cheese and caramelised onions – combine normal cheddar with a premium unpasteurised cheese (even another cheddar like Keen’s) to make this more special. Serve on good sourdough.

• Roasted squash with marinated tofu and toasted pumpkin seeds is the perfect tasty vegan sandwich.

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