Serve up these beverage trends for 2022 – Bar & Kitchen

Serve up these beverage trends for 2022

Va-va voom up your bar with vermouth and much more...

The milk round

Alternative milk products are more than just a niche. They are outperforming traditional dairy with the plant-based milk category growing 17.7% YoY ahead of total dairy growth at 5.5% in the same period (The Grocer).

While soy and almond milk have long dominated this category, a wave of challenger ingredients are creating new and exciting milks out of unexpected ingredients. Potato milk has a low carbon footprint and an innovative, creamy texture and pea and quinoa milk are high in protein.

“Year on year the plant-based milk category market is growing at 17.7% ”
- The Grocer

Va-va vermouth

Vermouth is the new darling of the drinks scene, with its low ABV, sweeter flavour and versatility either on the rocks, in cocktails or with tonic. A fortified wine flavoured with herbs, botanicals and spices, its popularity rides on the crest of the low alcohol trend.

Bacardi selected it as a ‘spirit to watch’ in 2022 and dedicated vermuteria bars are opening in its honour, fuelled by annual imports valued at £20.4 million (Statista, 2021).

Carpano Antica Formula is 16.5% proof and has a stand-out vintage bottle. With subtle notes of burnt sugar and saffron, it brings a certain pedigree to any bar. Swap Antica Formula in place of sweet vermouth in any classic cocktail, or serve it on the rocks.

Sober curious drinkers aren’t left out of the vermouth trend, with Martini Vibrante making a great alcohol-free alternative served with tonic and a slice of orange over ice.

Permissive indulgence

Consumers are micro dosing on pleasure to celebrate and reward themselves after a difficult couple of years, according to McKinsey, the global management consultants. This trend is about recognising something as an indulgence, and doing it anyway. Whether it’s an extra-large glass of wine or an expensive smoothie, everyone’s version of indulgence is different and depends on their mood, season, or time of day.

Innovative drinks brands are combining health and indulgence so consumers don’t have to choose; hybrid products like boozy kombucha give a buzz with a better after-effect, while reduced-sugar energy drinks shine with a perceived health halo.

Get it on the menu

Offer low-sugar option and mini/maxi sizes of your more indulgent drinks, so customer can decide how and when to treat themselves. Promote your permissive indulgence products on social media when customers are most susceptible, such as Friday night or over the weekend.

Cold Brew

Caffeine lovers are getting a new hit
with cold brew coffee. It is available in ready-to-drink (RTD) formats or you can make it fresh. To make, grind coffee beans coarsely and steep in cool water overnight then strain and serve cold or warm up.


“The UK’s iced and ready-to-drink coffee market has expanded by 20%”
- The Grocer, 2021
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