2021 food trends – Bar & Kitchen

2021 food trends

As the year comes to an end, we look at some of the big 2021 trends and how you can adapt them for your menus.

Sweetcorn spin

The social media channel TikTok has become huge in 2021, and is especially popular in the food world for spotting new trends. One of the biggest dishes that got people talking is sweetcorn ribs, with 11.5 million views of the hashtag #cornribs. And it’s not just a TikTok trend – it’s broken out into foodservice menus, too. Celebrity chef Yotam Ottolenghi has featured them on his menu and has a recipe for them in his latest book.

What are they?

The eye-catching ribs, or ‘riblets’ as they are sometimes called, are strips of corn tossed in oil and spices, which are then deep fried or cooked in an air fryer until crispy. You can also oven bake them for a healthier option. Serve them like that or drizzle over mayo and hot sauce.

Part of corn ribs’ appeal is their versatility. Great for meat-eaters, veggies and vegans, you can offer them as a bar snack or starter, or as a side to burgers, chilli or slow-cooked BBQ meats. Find a recipe here: brws.it/ribs

Local love

With Brexit and the upheaval of the pandemic over the past 19 months, it seems that customers have discovered a new-found respect and love for British food.

June’s OnePoll Farmer Favourability Survey found that 75% of respondents trust British food more than food from elsewhere. Plus, 73% often or always look specifically for British food when shopping – the highest figure seen since the survey began nearly 10 years ago.

Think British

At Christmas you have a great opportunity to showcase the very best of British – our tasty meat and varied cheese offering are world-class. If you can, go for all British meat on your festive menus, from the joints to the stuffing, and pigs in blankets. A homegrown cheese course is sure to go down well with customers too. Who needs France when you’ve got Cornish or Somerset brie?

Treat time

After last year’s festivities were largely cancelled, there are high hopes for a more positive end to 2021. The stats are certainly showing that customers will be in the mood to splash out with friends and family to make up for lost time. CGA’s research suggests that three in five consumers are looking to treat themselves this year and 75% plan to visit pubs, bars and restaurants this festive season. So, make sure your menu reflects this desire. Think impressive beef Wellingtons, deals on premium fizz and sharing dessert plates with mini chocolate fondants and millionaire’s cheesecakes.

But be mindful…

While it does appear that some are looking for a more premium option this Christmas, you need to think about your customers before jumping in. Some are worse off since the pandemic but there are also those who are looking to spend. You know your customers best so tailor your offering to them. If your customer base is mixed, then offer upgrade options.

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