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Autumn food trends: Why food halls are popular

Food halls that showcase multiple food vendors under one roof have popped up in London, Leeds and Doncaster, as well as many towns. “Food halls suit large groups who want different food types or diets,” says James Ashurst, Client Director at CGA.

Autumn food trends: Gourmet fast food and fusion

James Birch, Development Chef at Unilever Food Solutions, explains some of the new food trends he is seeing for pubs and restaurants: “We’re seeing restaurant chefs try out new fast food concepts, both as a creative outlet and because it makes business sense. This could be as a pop-up at a local food festival or a scaleddown menu at quieter times of the day or week. “There are two key trends in the fast food area:

Autumn drink trends: Decaf tea

“Decaf tea has experienced the highest growth compared to all other types of tea, as consumers are now taking more notice of their caffeine intake,” says Yorkshire Tea Assistant Brand Manager Carly Murphy. “One of the main concerns is taste,” says Murphy, “and whether decaf can match the flavour of their caffeinated brew. Well, with the right blends, it can!”

Autumn drink trends: alcoholic sparkling drinks

Alcoholic sparkling water is a great alternative to alcoholic drinks when customers are looking for healthier options. These hard seltzers appeal to consumers who want to make healthier life choices, but aren’t willing to give up the ABV just yet.

Deep fried and delicious

Time to put some fried chicken on your menu? Globally, this dish is going to grow by 5.3% in the next four years, according to ReportLinker research. Use both wing and thigh in these ideas below.