Win big at the World Cup – Bar & Kitchen

Win big at the World Cup

The 2022 World Cup is now live until 18 December 2022! During the 2018 World Cup, spending in pubs jumped by 35% according to Barclaycard. Now it's your turn to hit the back of the net with expert advice from Fanzo, a fan engagement platform.

Put the commentary ON and turn it UP!

You will create atmosphere and make the match the focus. It also helps the customers follow the action, particularly those who aren’t die-hard football fans.


Start early and run late

Show the build-up and half-time analysis – this is just as important as the match (and gives fans something to chat about).


Table bookings

Allow customers to book seats but insist on a minimum spend deposit and arrival 30 minutes before the match. However, you will get walk-ins so keep half of your tables free.


Branded promotions and games

Make the most of your customers’ enthusiasm by running competitions for the duration and encouraging people to arrive early and stay afterwards.For example:

• Sweepstakes to boost engagement before the tournament begins.

• Pre- and post-match football quizzes.

• Loyalty cards for customers. For example, they get a stamp each time they watch a match at your venue, and if they have enough stamps they get a free pitcher of beer for the final.


Tell people in advance

Put sandwich boards outside two weeks before the first game and keep them updated with three days of timings.

Advertise on your social media channels and local noticeboards – and don’t forget to include photographs, size and number of screens, your address and special offers.

Send emails to your customer database and include images and offers, even exclusive ones to loyal customers. It’s an opportunity to grow your email database, but watch out for GDPR rules and give people the chance to opt out of communications.


Stand up or sit down?

Stand up

• Some sports bars serve pints in plastic glasses during big games just in case they get broken during the celebrations (hopefully there’ll be some!). Probably an idea if you have lots of customers standing tightly packed together.

• Having spaces for customers to stand is going to create more of a party atmosphere. But don’t forget to put a few chairs at the front for those who can’t stand for too long.

Sit down

• Rearrange tables so chairs face the screens.

• Use QR codes on the tables so people can order remotely from their seats.

• Be like a theatre – get people to pre-order halftime drinks and have them ready to serve.



Ask your suppliers to provide POS materials to help create a sense of theatre. Some of the biggest sponsors are licensed and soft drinks suppliers who will be giving out bunting, beer mats, posters and more.



Encourage bookings by offering a free pint or soft drink to the person making the booking or give them a choice of tables. Remember to get a deposit and potentially give a discount on food if they order and pay in advance.



Your current customers will have an expectation of your menu and might have even chosen to watch the matches at your venue because of what you serve. But also run a special themed menu too. This can be based on which nations are playing, a larger finger food menu, bucket deals etc. Be sure to do something, even if it’s just a different topping on a pizza!

“65% of customers want to be able to guarantee a seat to watch the match.”
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