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Event Date: 10.10.2022 - 15.10.2022

National Curry Week

We hardly need an excuse to have curry, and the nation’s favourite food can be served in many different ways; whatever your venue type, there’s a dish that your customers will love. Spice up your mains, sandwich or sides because Indian food makes up 66% of all UK meals eaten out and is worth £3.2 billion a year.

Event Date: 14.10.2022 - 20.10.2022

National Baking Week

From croissants to sponge cakes and deep-fill pies, baked goods are always going to be popular. Put some special recipes on your menu to celebrate the week or try the recipes in our pastry masterclass.

Event Date: 31.10.2022


It’s time to dress up: your venue, your menu and even your staff.

Event Date: 21.11.2022 - 18.12.2022

Get planning for 2022 Fifa World Cup

Any World Cup is going to create a buzz but as this is held during the winter months, it’s going to bring its own opportunities and challenges. 

Event Date: 05.11.2022

Bonfire Night

If a big firework display is the direction you’re going, having a BBQ or hog roast is a great way to feed lots of mouths.

Event Date: 24.10.2022


Make your venue glow to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

Event Date: 07.11.2022 - 11.11.2022

National School Meals Week

You don’t have to be at school to love school dinners. Whatever your venue, why not recreate magical memories of sticky toffee pudding, tuna bake or even Spam fritters for the week? Run by LACA, The School Food People for 30 years, it’s a great excuse to celebrate the hot, balanced, nutritional classics… and maybe even pink custard. Visit

Event Date: 18.12.2022 - 26.12.2022


The Jewish celebration is eight days of light, gifts and food, from latkes (potato pancakes) to beef brisket and kugel (egg noodle pudding).